what is Abstract Art?

Abstract Art


Abstract Art where art gives free rein to the imagination, giving life to shapes, colors, lines without limiting the concrete and material reality in which we live. Abstract Modern and contemporary art or abstract expressionism, are inspired by modern art full of strong and contrasting colors, fascinating and bewitching shapes, in short, a combination of modern and innovative ideas, dedicated in a particular way to true lovers of modern interiors that want to furnish the walls of the house or offices with abstract paintings with bright colors and innovative shapes.

When begins Abstract Art?

Abstract Art begins with Wassilly Kandinsky with the first Abstract Art in watercolor, from there a new chapter in the history of contemporary art began. Today our living rooms and homes are full of modern abstract paintings that light up the environment with floral designs, landscapes and decorations depicting geometric shapes. Hand painted abstract canvases, they become true works of art that cover our walls, as if they were hand paintings directly created on the wall, with intense and decisive colors that manage to enchant any person who comes to visit us.


The abstract image of an Acrylic Abstract Art is distinguished mainly by the decomposition of objects, the geometrization of reality and the rupture of patterns, with a unique and unrepeatable style.

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