Top 5 reason to buy fine art from the artist

 Art is a way of expression. And in modern times, it is somewhat of a forgotten luxury with all the screens and technologies. But the value fine art from an artist provides is unparalleled to anything else. From home décor to inspire your daily life, original art holds the power to transform a space into something more unique. So today I will be giving you 5 good reasons you should start buying original fine art from emerging artists.

1. A way of supporting the artist directly

buy fine art from the artist

Painting is hard work. And artist spends days and weeks on an idea and work around various complexities to put what they have in their heart into the canvas. This is not only labor-intensive work, but also takes a lot of the time from their life.
So, it is time for us to offer something back to them. Little do we know, in this era of competition and technology, it sometimes is difficult for many artists to make their ends meet.
And this the perfect chance for us to elevate our home and have a good feeling knowing you are investing in something that supports the artist and also offers benefits for both sides.


2. Making your house feel like home

buy fine art from the artist

Nothing screams personality more than having one or more paintings on the wall of your home. Once you have spent a good amount of time with the paintings you have bought, they will feel more like a companion than a piece of art.
So, wherever you go, where ever you move to next, having them around you will always feel like home.On the other hand, a place does not feel like home unless you have something very personal around.
And nothing gives off the vibe of a piece of personal choice that resonates with your mentality than a painting you have bought for yourself.


3. Save your hard-earned money

buy fine art from artist

Every art gallery is different than the other one. But a rule of thumb of galleries is to take around 50% of the commission for every painting they sell. But have you ever wondered where that money comes from? That comes out of the pocket of you and also the artist.
As a result, you have to spend more money on the same painting that you could buy from the artist or website directly, and the artist earns less than what they could sell directly to you. A good way to avoid the middle man and save both of you a handsome amount of money is by buying
original fine art from artists from the website directly.

4. An act of investment

buy fine art from artist

Even if you do not but a good piece of painting for money, buying a piece of artwork like painting can be a great way to make an investment. Most people all around the world buy pieces of art that connect with them, look great to their eyes, or holds the essence of a moment that they do not want to forget. However, over the years painting from an emerging artist can turn into something more valuable than it once was when you bought the piece. The great thing about art is, just like wine, they tend to offer more when they age. So, all need is taking good care of the paintings and make good choices that resonate with your heart.

5. A new door to unlimited possibilities with custom paintings

This is another good reason you should invest in the fine arts from the artist. Even though online shops offer a variety of choices for ready-made paintings, you have an option to order custom paintings that will be made fit to your likings and specific requirements.
An online shop like Barteushop will offer unlimited opportunities for you because of the various painters they have in their arsenal.

From buying something for your partner as a gift to conveying a message, customer painting has the ability to offer everything. This is your chance to bring your ideas to life with the aid of the excellent craftsmanship from the artist. You can fine-tune even the frame that you want.
And once both the artist and you agree on the design and price you will be dealing with; all you have to do is wait. And the painting will be delivered to your doorstep without any hassle whatsoever.

To conclude

The wide range of imagination, freedom of expression, and unlimited inspiration that abstract art represents are truly unbelievable. And the benefits of art in our everyday life is also something everything should be aware of.

In this modern era of smartphones and the internet, art will provide a breath of fresh air. So instead of getting some blunt and ordinary, get yourself a masterpiece of fine art from artists. This will not only appreciate their effort and inspire them to create more, but also offer yourself a great sense of pleasure.


So here was our top 5 reason to buy fine art from artists, for you to evaluate for yourself. Here’s to Contributing more to the artists and inspiring them to contribute to society through art.