Barteu: from barman to artist with the practice of Flair Bartending.

What is Flair Bartending? It is the practice with which bartenders entertain customers, or the public, manipulating bar tools such as shakers or liquor bottles in spectacular ways.

A practice used occasionally in cocktail bars, which requires typical juggling skills.

From today, however, Flair Bartending enters the world of art by force thanks to the barman Filippo Citterio as know as BARTEU, who for the first time in the world uses this technique to create unique works in the world.

Barteu Artist
Barteu, uses acrylic colors to create his works of art on canvas. The first artist to combine the art of Flair Bartending with painting, with which he creates his works and artistic performances in an original and unique way.

In fact, the artist barman fills his bottles with acrylic colors, and in time to the music he performs acrobatic evolutions and movements with the precision and skill acquired after years of training as a bartender.

From barman to artist

The creative spirit of the artist barman knows no bounds, and his works of contemporary art capture moments of intense visceral action made with quick and impulsive, but always controlled, moves.

Evolutions and acrobatics performed by Barteu that create ever-changing sketches and stains, which distinguish the artist's works with a unique and easily recognizable style.

A pure physical interaction with materials that has transformed the practice of Flair Bartending into a meaningful creative process, which reveals something of the mystery and dynamism of his personality.

“So many people have told me that they like my art because it's not the usual kind of abstract splashes and splashes of color that an artist usually makes. I create to entertain and communicate and every single work of art created with this technique is unique in its kind, "Barteu said of his works.

Who is Barteu ?
Filippo Citterio was born and raised in Milan, where he worked as a bartender for 10 years in the Navigli area, a very popular area in the city center with tourists and artists.

Thanks to his ability to easily socialize with people, he has become familiar with many characters in the world of art and freestyle. Which made him passionate about the world of street art, in particular urban culture and hip hop.

In 2017 Barteu moved to a small village in the French countryside near Paris to continue his career as a bartender in a 5-star hotel in Versailles.

The new residence allows him to have enough space to perform his works, leading him to create canvases made within fixed frames such as the static edge of a painting that reveals Barteu's dynamic processes.

Asked how he developed his style, Barteu replied: "Talking about being an 'artist' and having a style sometimes confuses me. I don't see myself as an artist. I see myself as a creator and a designer who does things that other people have to consume “.

Many of Barteu's works are exhibited on the website